Friday, June 1, 2012

High living!

Talk about living in the clouds. If Tokyo's X- Seed 4000, designed to be the world's tallest tower at a whopping 13,000 ft, were ever to see the light of day that's exactly what its inhabitants would be doing. Seemingly inspired by Mount Fuji in terms of structure the monstrous building would soar even higher than the volcanic mountain.

This Utopian project designed by Taisei Corporation is to be a self-contained high-rise built to eco-friendly norms. However, a building that towers over a mountain is no joke and not only would it have to protect its inhabitants from regular things but all from extreme variance in light, temperature, atmospheric pressure and weather gradations. With a 6-kilometre footprint to anchor it to the ground, the building could house about five hundred thousand to a million people! 

However, according to Buildings & Data, the building was never intended to be translated into reality. The idea was to get the company some recognition. And with their design of the tallest building in the world, which would easily leave every other contender eating dust, there’s no doubt the Taisei Corporation has managed it.



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