Friday, June 22, 2012

Chirp! Chirp! - Design A Birdhouse For Your Lawn

A lawn in your compound would be pretty bland without a few features added to it. Adding features like a rock garden or a bird house would add beauty to the garden and also attract colorful birds to your garden. Many homeowners find them to be a charming ornament for their gardens. Some people even collect antique bird houses that they put up in secret corners of their garden. These are remarkable conversation pieces for guests. Even children find them quite delightful. For them, birdhouses are like surprises hidden among the leaves and branches in the garden.

When considering to buy a birdhouse, to give a bird a new home, we need to decide on two factors. The first is what bird frequents our garden the most. Smaller birds like sparrows or wrens would prefer smaller birdhouses in which they feel secure from predators. These birdhouses can be freestanding or hung from a tree. There are many designs of birdhouses available. They can be single or double storied. Birdhouses are designed come in different shapes, sizes, colors and materials and generally made of wood, metal, glass and even ceramic.

Wooden birdhouses are crafted in various designs like Victorian houses, log cabins, churches, diners, fishing cabins, lighthouses etc. Practically, any design of building that comes to mind can be made into a birdhouse. Ceramic ones come in animal shapes, bird shapes and even shapes like flowers, hats etc. They are painted with all sorts of colors from rustic to the eye-popping pink. But keep in consideration that birds may not like too bright colors as they tend to attract predators very easily.

Secondly, before getting a new birdhouse for your garden, decide on what type of birdhouse would suit your garden decor. Interior decor for a house is important. But the exterior decor of your house, like your garden and the landscaping is what your neighbors see every day and therefore would show your taste for decoration and your personality. Also, the size of the birdhouse should be a match for the size of your house.

People who are good at woodwork and designing can even make their own birdhouse. It could even be a fun project with kids. Finally, make sure to keep the birdhouse cleaned after the nesting season is over. There is also a certain tranquility that bird houses can bring. While relaxing in your garden, you can spend hours watching the different kinds of birds resting in your bird houses. Some will stay for only a few minutes, and others may stay longer.

It doesn't matter whether the birdhouse is big or small, or whether it is intricately designed by a professional craftsman, or nailed together by a child. A well placed birdhouse in your garden can serve as a beautiful accessory for your outdoors, besides providing an essential space for birds to nest in. This is a good approach to bring life to your garden and make it more cheerful. Bird houses, no matter what they look like, are symbols of man's kindheartedness to birds and beasts.


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