Friday, June 29, 2012

From Pieces to Masterpieces...Mosaic Art

The aesthetic value and creativity can help assess the worth of a house or a structure. To beautify their houses and make them look attractive and alluring, people generally apply vibrant paints and coordinate them with vivid tiles and flooring etc. Nowadays however, people are using Mosaic Art to improve the look and d├ęcor of their house. Mosaic is the art of coordinating colorful glass and beautiful stones to create patterns and pictures which enhance the aesthetic look of the house. Mosaic is an ancient art which was prevalent in the 3rd and 4th Century BC.

The Mesopotamians, Greeks and Macedonians widely used this art. While Greeks used pebble made mosaic to beautify their floors, Macedonians decorated their structures with polychrome pebble mosaic. Mesopotamians baked thin cones of clay and painted their ends with colors to use them as mosaic. The images developed with mosaic art varied with different civilizations. Though the basic technique of mosaic remains unchanged, the art has been refined considerably over the years.

The art of mosaic has been given a new outlook by a third generation company called Phoenician Arts. The company has not only revived and reproduced traditional mosaics of the Greek, Roman and Byzantinian culture but it has also produced rare hand-made marble mosaics. Natural marble and semi precious stones are used to etch out these beautiful mosaic designs. In recent times, the mosaic work used in a structure is considered a measure to augment the structure's aesthetic value.

The mosaics developed by Phoenician Arts are examples of primeval and modern-day existence. Phoenician Arts develops mosaics which easily blend and coordinate with the interiors as well as the exteriors of a structure. These mosaics cover varied themes and range from animals, figures, scenes, religion oriented etc. Depending on the choice of theme, these mosaics can be placed indoors in living rooms, hallways, above fireplaces etc. as well as used outdoors to decorate tabletops, lawns, home and building entrances et cetera.

Mosaic has been used as decorative art since decades. Embellished high quality mosaics art can be seen in museums, old buildings and churches with historic patterns. In recent times mosaics consisted of different materials such as shells, ivory and colored stone which were used to create temples, monuments et cetera but with time the mosaic art has been redefined by giving a modern creative touch. With the use of different styles your kitchen or bath can be transformed from retro to dramatic look. Now accomplished and passionate artists make use of mosaic material with other stones to give a more fascinating appeal to the created designs. Excellently crafted and authentic handmade mosaics are prior option to decor room and buildings.

Mosaic art is being recognized and appreciated since ages and people have special fascination for it. Different innovations have been brought down into the vibrant world of mosaic art where mosaic with colored glass and millefiori, smalti expand your imagination with creativity. Mosaic tiles are tough stuff and can be used for number of purposes ranging from mirrors to poolside tiles, back splashes to jewelry. For creating traditional interiors to contemporary exteriors these are extensively used to redefine wall grace and appeal.


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