Thursday, December 22, 2011

A-way with walls!

While on this ‘wall trip’ we’ve discovered several other interesting ways you can bring your walls, which you’ve so far probably only considered as a necessary part of your building structure, to play a greater role in your home décor. You can paint them and paper them, make them out of glass and fiber, or train creepers over them! And now you can also dress them up with wall art! Move over paintings, wall art is here! It’s different, dramatic, eye-catching and now comes in a variety of materials!

Wall art isn’t necessarily a new concept but the dimensions it’s taken on in design metal and vinyl. It could be an eclectic looking wine rack that you hang on your wall, or perhaps an ornate light fixture that becomes the cynosure on a wall. It could even be a very ornate mirror that your visitors wouldn’t be able to keep away from. The interesting thing about metal wall art is that though they’re usually not particularly small, irrespective of their size, they’re so eye catching that they easily dominate attention while instantly dressing up the space. The result is that you can design the rest of your décor the way you want to and choose to keep it either bold or simple.

Another fascinating new trend, particularly of interest to people wary of trying wallpaper, is wall stickers. Available in a variety of materials these stickers are exactly what their names indicate. But before you go picturing the Disney characters currently “stickered” in your 7-year old’s wardrobe, don’t. These wall stickers are interesting cut outs that you can stick on your walls, usually without damaging the paint, and come in several interesting silhouettes in colour or black and white. All you need to do is stick on the piece of art you like best and you’ll transform your room! You can get hardier materials for areas with more moisture, vinyl wall art is designed to last for several years; whimsical designs for your personal workspace or cute or educational ones for the kids’ rooms. 



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