Friday, December 9, 2011

Colour me mine!

They’re probably the most interesting and the most versatile tools at your disposal to dress up your house. There’s so much you can do with them and in terms of their variety sky is, literally, the limit!

Yes, we mean colours. There’s almost no limit to what colours can do for the interiors for your house; and not just by their presence but by their very absence. Colours can add warmth to a cold place to be like a breath of fresh air in a cramped environment. And today, with varieties from “Rascal Red” to just-about-anything-under-the-sun being available you have that many more hues in which to express your personality!

The technology today is truly in the paint. If you think your home needs a new lick of paint we’d suggest you brace yourself because this isn’t going to be an easy fight. Do you want the sheen of lustre paint or a coat of velvet emulsions or would you prefer paint from which you can wipe off the signs of your young Picasso? You could carefully consider your choices or alternately just close your eyes and point.

But when it comes to the question of picking which colour we wouldn’t suggest that as the best approach. And we aren’t just talking about your walls where it could be nearly disastrous if you get stuck with the wrong shade of yellow. You can add life to a simply done up room with the aid of a few colours.

Add reds and yellows for warmth and vibrancy. But remember that red demands attention and yellow can be a hard colour to please. Purple has long been considered the colour of royalty as has maroon; but be careful when you use these colours as they can add considerable weight to their surroundings. They’re still a good choice if you’re looking for elegant and touches of the colour in upholstery or lamp shades and such will go a long way in transforming the room. Though a high maintenance colour if used in the right material nothing can beat white in creating an illusion of light and open spaces. Don’t let pink scare you off. The colour is versatile with its shades and used right it communicates a feeling of freshness and youth; a light pink can easily create the illusion of coolness if you live in a hot city.

Also if you’re going ethnic with your décor remember that colours, especially warm ones, are very popular in Indian handicrafts. If you go overboard you’re very likely to look like you’re living in a psychedelic colour effusion. Remember to balance the burst of colours with sedate shades and whites and off-whites; nothing will set off the Indian-ness of your décor better!



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