Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pooling it in!

There are, inarguably, few feelings in the world quite like sinking into a pool of water that’s at just the right temperature at the end of a long day of work. So if you’re considering fitting a pool into your house no matter what its size it’s probably a good idea. Provided of course, you’re prepared to bear the cost. And if money’s not the problem then go right ahead and set the ball rolling!

The first thing you need to decide is what kind of a pool you’re looking at. Are you looking for a pool in which you can do laps, or are you  short on space? Do you have young children at home; in which case you might want to ensure you in a baby or a wading pool.  You also need to pick between in-ground and above ground pools.
If it’s an in-ground pool you’re considering there are several options you can consider.
1.     Freeform pool – a freeform pool is a naturalistic pool that’s designed to look like a natural lagoon and is often fitted out with rockeries and small waterfalls.

2.     Lap pool – the idea behind a lap pool, as the name suggests, is for a swimmer to be able to do laps in it so the pool is usually long and narrow. If you want a lap pool make sure you have plenty of space.

3.     Play pool – play pools are usually not very deep, generally about 5 feet deep, and are made such that people can wade or play sports in them. You can choose to either just sit and relax in your play pool or even do laps.

4.     Geometric pool – a geometric pool is basically a traditional pool with very straight lines or a consistent radius.

5.     Diving pool – a diving pool is usually about eight and a half feet deep or more and because they’re so deep they need to be built to specifications and you need to take due care when you fit it in.

6.     Infinity pool – and infinity or negative edge pool is very specifically designed to look like it extends all the way to the horizon. While they’re a breathtaking sigh they’re expensive to install and their engineering and architecture cannot be compromised with.

7.     Spool – a spool is basically a spa and a pool. It’s like having your very own over-sized spa that you can relax in whenever you want. Since they’re small in dimensions they’re great if you’re short on space. However, the smaller size of a spool does not mean they’re any cheaper to install.

8.     Perimeter overflow pool – if you’ve seen pools that are filled with water right up till the top of the pool deck and look like they should spill over you’re looking at a perimeter overflow pool. Around the perimeter of the pools is a channel or a notch through which the water drains.

Most in-ground pools take some space as well as time to fit in. And pool maintenance once the pool’s been fitted in is also very important. So before you think of getting a pool make sure you call in the experts and check out the viability.


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