Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's on the wall!

An interesting way to change the way your home looks could be with the use of wall papers. As the trend picks up in India an extensive variety of wallpapers is now available for you to choose from. Or if you so decide you could even create your own wallpaper designs with the help of your computer! You could opt for a natural look with wood finish design wallpaper or choose to go for something dramatic instead.

You could wallpaper an entire room or accentuate one wall to dramatic effect. You could also choose to dress up the interiors of a cupboard with a glass front or that of a sideboard etc. Wallpapers in light colours can make a room look bigger and darker colours can have the opposite effect while also making the space feel cosier. While vertical stripes have the effect of making the ceiling look higher and is ideal for tight or small spaces. If the wall you are looking to wallpaper has some surface flaws then you could choose to go for an embossed variety or one that has been made out of natural fibres. However, if you’re planning to attempt the wallpapering yourself and it’s your first time it is recommended that you pick wallpaper that’s easy to line up. For instance, if you pick drop match wallpaper you have to ensure that every strip of wall paper you cut matches exactly with the last one. Most of the intricate patterns fall under this category. But if you still find yourself leaning towards one of these designs it is recommended that you seek professional guidance.

But if you’re not quite sure of being ready to experiment with wallpapering a whole room you could also use it to interesting effect by dressing up a lamp shade or the surface of some other furnishing. You might just be enthralled enough with the result to decide to take on something bigger!


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