Friday, December 16, 2011

Model homes!

It’s not really a concept that’s catching on in India yet but modular homes are definitely something that should be on your “To Consider” list when you’re considering making a house for yourself.  

In case you’re wondering what exactly a modular home is it is – simply put – a sectional prefabricated building that’s manufactured in units somewhere else and is then assembled into the building you want it to be on site. Of course, unlike a computer this is not something we’d recommend you try to assemble at home!

There’s so much that works in favour of these modular buildings whichever way you look it! Topping the list for anybody looking to build a new home, of course, would have to be the cost factor. The cost difference between a brick and mortar house and a modular house is considerable, apart from the substantial difference in gestation time. A modular home can be constructed anywhere between 3 to 6 months by a qualified team. There are no nails used in these structures and they’re literally screwed together!

What’s more, these homes are truly green with their low electricity consumption and low maintenance requirements. In fact, there’s a modular house I know of that is entirely lit with a total electricity consumption of only 99 watts! And if you’re picturing a dimly lit cave knock that image off now! That beautiful house is perfectly well-lit! And if that is not enough these structures are pretty well insulated and you can maintain the interiors temperature without needing an AC in every room.

Also the exterior wall surface does not need a repaint for several years and any dirt accumulated on the surface can simply be hosed off! Talk about low maintenance and oh-so-green!



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