Thursday, September 16, 2010

When in Rajasthan, "thali" it.

When people travel, there is a list of things that they do. It’s universal and almost everyone follows it through. If it is a place that speaks a different language, they learn all the expletives that are present in the dictionary of that particular language. And the next thing that they do is sample the food of the place. One such place to visit purely for the food it has to offer is Rajasthan.

Rajasthan is known for its rich and exotic cuisine. Some of the local delicacies it has to offer are Dal Baati Churma, Pyaaz ki Kachori, Ghevar and Gazak.

While all of these are singular items that are available, the most famous thing to consume in Rajasthan is the thali. It consists of a variety of simple vegetables, usually bhindi (ladyfinger) or potato, dal-baati churma (hard, unleavened bread eaten with ghee and/or jaggery), a tiny portion of pyaaz ki kachori (an onion dish) and bhakris (made of bajra/jowar). For sweet, there is typically a helping of gulab jamun or ghevar (a sweet made with more ghee than norman). Along with the thali, comes a big glass of lassi (buttermilk).

All in all, a Rajasthani thali is a wholesome meal. It is simple, no doubt, but it is more than finger-licking good and there is no doubt that a person will order a second round of buttermilk, after which moving will seem an impossible task!


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