Friday, September 10, 2010


Often, when families wonder what to do in the vacations, they think along the lines of hotels and flights and the like. Traveling is obviously one of the most popular things to do, and most people prefer to do it comfortably. But roughing it out in the outdoors is a trend that is fast catching on with a lot of families.

Camping is basically a recreational activity that involves tents, boots, sleeping bags, etc. it requires participants to leave urban areas and spend several days and nights outdoors. It often also involves activities like hiking and mountain biking, which begin in the early hours of the morning. The level of roughing it out in the outdoors varies from campsite to campsite. Some campsites have basic amenities like electricity, barbeque grills, heat and bathrooms; while some campsites are nothing more than a patch of dirt and ground.

Today camping equipment has evolved, and become much more comfortable than they were a few years ago. Today campers have comforts like mattresses, compact chairs, solar heaters and satellite locators.

Camping is the most ideal from getting away from it all. It provides us with a multifold opportunity to do away with our usual surroundings and it helps us understand Nature a little better. It has a positive effect on a person’s health, not only physical but also mental. Family camping presents quality family time with no disturbances from the technology of today, with fun camping activities like swimming and bonfires.


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