Friday, September 10, 2010

Things that make us smile.

Most people live very hectic lives, in which little things are enough to agitate them. But at the same time, it is also the little things that make them happy. Many people tend to take these things for granted, not appreciating them when they occur. Listed below are some of the common things that make us smile, no matter how small.

• Eating food that is finger-licking good.
• Listening to songs that are reminders of our childhood
• Receiving flowers
• Getting a good night’s sleep
• Being able to accomplish a deadline, with time to spare
• Watching raindrops on window panes
• Being able to catch those raindrops in our hand
• Long drives to far off places
• A good, hot bath
• Chocolate in any form
• Laughing with friends so hard that our stomachs hurt but forgetting what originally triggered it
• Seeing photographs of ourselves that do not highlight our self-perceived flaws
• Singing along loudly to a happy song on the radio
• Spending a Sunday afternoon with a good book
• Decluttering
• The sound of babies laughing
• Playing with puppies
• Holding hands
• Receiving hand written notes and letters
• Being told we’re pretty/handsome
• Getting pedicures
• Owning a new piece of jewellery
• Being hugged out of the blue by a person who means a lot
• Traveling
• The smell of wet mud
• Long conversations with friends about everything and nothing


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