Wednesday, September 15, 2010

So I say, thank you for the music.

Music is a means of entertainment for most people. Listening to it gives us joy in a way that cannot be expressed. There are different songs for different moods, and more often than not music speaks to us. Songs that describe your feelings and emotions in a way you couldn’t describe yourself. Actually, to be more precise LYRICS speak to us. They say that if you pay attention to the lyrics of a person’s favourite song, you will find out what they’re thinking and saying. A person’s favourite song tells a lot about their personality, providing a window through which you can peep directly into their soul. Eyes? Yes, those too. Music? Maybe more than eyes. Eyes can be deceiving, foxing you into thinking other things. But music, music cannot and will not be deceiving. It is the one thing that will remain true, the one thing that will never lie.


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