Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Evolving work environments.

Think back about five years. Imagine job interviews and work environments then. What comes to your mind? Stuffy offices with a panel of formidable looking seniors asking a host of questions? Work stations and cubicles with telephones ringing off the hook and the whirring sounds of photocopy machines filling the air?

If we pay close attention to the changing trends, we’ll realize that even jobs and offices have undergone transformations. Job interviews today are conducted in coffee shops, with an informal environment. They’re not structured to be intimidating and pressurizing. They’re structured to put the interviewee at ease and facilitate normal conversation. Work environments too, have undergone a huge change. It is no longer office restricted either. Some jobs are designed to be worked at from anywhere in the world. All you need is a laptop with wi-fi and you’re good to go. The jobs that are office bound too are more employee friendly than they were in the past. Staff lunches are not unheard of, nor are staff picnics. The employer-employee relationships are fast becoming more informal, while maximizing output results tremendously.


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