Monday, July 26, 2010

Kitchen Tales

According to the dictionary, a kitchen is “a room or part of a room that is used for cooking and food preparation”. That is fundamentally true, I guess. But what’s the fun in having just a basic styled design, with just the bare necessities? Kitchens come in many styles, and choosing the one that suits you best requires serious thought. To begin with, it is important to know what kind of style you’re looking for. Deciding this, will help you start to narrow down choices related to wall colour and cabinet doors. But before the styles can be decided, the basic layout of the kitchen must be considered. This helps in easy functioning, the way you want, since the kitchen is the most active work areas of home.
Common kitchen floor plans include the one wall kitchen, the corridor or galley kitchen, the L or double L kitchen, the island, the U shaped kitchen and the G shaped kitchen.

• The one wall kitchen:
This is the most basic kitchen design and perfect for long and narrow kitchens. It is simple and fairly inexpensive, and its linear design allows for unimpeded traffic flow.

• The corridor or galley kitchen:
With counters on both sides, the corridor style kitchen is highly functional. It gives more space for counters and cabinets and is a highly affordable plan.

• The L shaped kitchen:
This is a very popular plan and it follows as much, if not more, counter and cabinet space than the corridor kitchen.

• The double L kitchen:
A highly evolved kitchen design layout, the double L allows for two workstations. The smaller L has a cooktop and a second sink, leaving tons of open space on the larger L.

• The U shaped kitchen:
This can be thought of as a corridor shape plan but with a closed end. The closed end gives extra room for a range or sink.

• The island:
These are most often seen in L shaped kitchens. Islands not only keep work areas traffic free but also provide create an extra counter and storage space.

• The G shaped kitchen:
Built very much like the U shaped kitchen, with an additional elongated partial wall, the G shaped kitchen offers a great deal of space.


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