Saturday, July 17, 2010

All I want is a room somewhere

I grew up in a room that was always a grownup’s room. It had nothing that really showed that a kid of no more than her teenage years lived there. And everyday I longed to be able to do it up the way I wanted to. My ideas used to change every couple of years. There was a time I wanted purple walls, and posters of the Backstreet Boys. A time came when I wanted all my walls white, except one which would be shocking red. And I begged my parents to please let me have it the way I wanted. But at that time, my room also functioned as a guest room, so my parents used to tell me that the guests wouldn’t necessary adapt to my tastes very well. Which while being true, was extremely saddening. But now, with most houses having separate guest rooms, decorating kids’ rooms has become much more doable than it was at that time. Kids today have many more wants and ideas than children in the past did, and more and more parents are coming forward to make sure their children have rooms that they can call their own space. Themed bedrooms are making a huge headway now, with themes ranging from Barbie to Dr. Seuss. From G.I.Joe to Hannah Montana. Winnie the Pooh to Sponge Bob Square Pants. Kids want it all, and the interior decorating industry is making it all available.


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