Friday, July 16, 2010

Curtains fall

Curtains are the window to the soul, just like eyes are the window to the soul. Other than their basic function of blocking or obscuring light, curtains are useful in finding out things about a person. The kind of curtains that decorate out homes, are insight into the kind of people we are. They are also insight into the kind of lives we lead, and hope to lead. If our homes have dull dreary curtains, we are sure to feel dull and dreary ourselves. Bright colours reflect a happy state of mind, something to brighten and colour your day when you get home tired. Yellows, pinks, greens are always much more appealing than the dull browns, whites and beiges. With the burst of colour that the curtains provide, any room instantly brightens up which results in even a tiny space, looking spacious. Curtains are handy items of interior decorations, and capable of making or breaking the look behind a structure.


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