Thursday, July 29, 2010

Exercise can be fun. No, really.

Exercise is possibly the most refreshingly tiring thing in the whole world. Yes, I know. The paradox isn’t lost on me. It seems impossible, doesn’t it? But after much deliberation, this is the conclusion most people have come up with. Exercise makes you aware of muscles you didn’t even know existed, which while being painful makes you a whole new person. Exercise, after the first few agony filled days, makes you energetic and active, so as to directly affect your productivity. Yes, healthy too. But too much has been said about the health aspect of exercise. The unfortunate part is, that most people shudder at the thought of exercise. Exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous or drab, and it doesn’t have to equal the word “gymming”. Considering the various options coming up today, there is no dearth of fitness options for the people who like trying things out of the ordinary. There’s zumba (a dance fitness program) and aerobics, there’s dance and power yoga classes. There’s pilates and kickboxing, there’s cycling in the outdoors and trekking on the mountains. There’s a little something for everyone, we just need to find something that suits our tastes and likings.


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