Wednesday, September 5, 2012


If you were to visit this artificial lake in Hanoi, Viet Nam you’d find the stunning structure called Bamboo Wing created by the bamboo masters Vo Trong Nghia. Comprised of two structures one which is the restaurant and the other which is meant to be a bar and events centre, the complex is large and airy and one of their most striking projects to date.

Situated next to an artificial lake the buildings are an excellent example of eco-friendly architecture that showcase the talent and handcrafting skills of the artistes as well as the brilliant use of ecologically sustainable materials. The surrounding water body not only adds a beautiful, mystical element to the structure but also does an excellent job of keeping it cool.

The entrance to Bamboo Wing promises the visitors a scenic experience as they walk across a pathway of stepping stones in water and little pockets of growing bamboo. Bamboo Wing itself is shaped to look like a bird’s wings.

 Next to the Wind and Water Cafe stands the bar. In contrast to the cafe which is open, the bar is an enclosed whole with a dome soaring 10 m upwards with an opening on the top, 1.5 m in diameter, which helps keep the place cool. Aside from the foundation the structure does not use steel anywhere and is wholly made of bamboo.

It’s no surprise that these two stunning architectural structures have become widely famous inHanoi’s urban landscape.


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