Friday, September 14, 2012

Cooking in Style - Designer Kitchens

Designer Kitchen speaks about who and what you are depending on the styles and design you choose. Since it's a designer's or your own idea- you still cook in style. There are a lot of kitchen designs that you can think of but, there's one that you really wanted and is an extension of your character and personality. Redesigning, rebuilding or a new one still requires rigorous planning to come up with a kitchen that you can not only boast of but is actually making your life easier when working in your kitchen. As how much you love cookery so is your desire to couple your skills with a nice and functional kitchen - inspires you even more.

Outdoor kitchens much the same as indoor only here you have a lot of fresh air and natural lighting and I would say easier to clean plus the fact no unwanted fishy odors inside the dining area. Typical outdoor cooking uses a grill with or attached to worktops for easy reach of utensils and there's a table for plating the food and the usual spice racks. You may also have proper installation of electrical lines and fittings to run gas. You may also include storage for cooking equipments as well as entertainment system.

Modern Kitchens uses modular's or ready made fixtures and it creates a minimalist look. Often geometric in style and not much decoration. Materials range from laminates, frosted glass, chrome or lacquer, concrete and stainless steel. Old world design uses natural materials. Think of the Mediterranean, Tuscan or an Italian Villa - medieval things or look where you usually see big pots and not as organized as other kitchen styles. This type of kitchen usually has those big cabinets and uses big hooks for hanging cooking equipments. Traditional kitchens brings you back to the Early American Times, neo-classical where antique fixtures are what you see even the appliances. It has a formal feel and is elegant. Think of dining and cooking in a Victorian home and see if the colors and fixtures suit your taste.

Transitional kitchens has the combination of traditional and modern like wood and concrete together and this is where you start to think of how it complements the appliances as well as the finishes. Rustic kitchens often resemble a log cabin. Very American - a characteristic from the regions of the South, Mountain West or Pacific Northwest. Here warm rich shades of earth colors are used and high ceiling beams. Country kitchens are mostly bright and have that homey feel. It resembles a garden as mostly handcrafted designs like woven baskets and floral motifs are all over. Like a farmhouse cottage where you'd see cheery colors and panels and is very much into moldings.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home don't forget to consider each of the family member's opinion and ideas as to how they would want the kitchen to look and work for the family.


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