Friday, September 14, 2012

Home.... Sweet Home! - Choosing the Right Gift for House-warming Party

Nothing is as exciting, or as exhausting as moving into a new home, and the perfect house warming gifts are the ones that allow the new movers to have a quiet moment of reflection. Many times, you want to give a house warming gift to someone moving in next door, or to someone you love who is moving away. While not expected, traditionally it is proper etiquette to arrive at a housewarming party with a thoughtful gift as a token of appreciation and warm wishes. A house warming gift, however, can be elevated to a higher level with just a little bit of thought.

Buy gifts that are practical and useful for the one you are giving them too. Hence it is also important that you know what type of people they are. It will be useless to buy them a muffin tray if neither one of them bakes. You want to make sure that your gift will be put to good use. The closer you are to the new homeowner, the easier it becomes to make just the right selection.

If you're purchasing for a childhood friend, a favorite photograph of the two of you as kids is perfect for framing in a beautiful silver or ceramic picture frame. If you're looking to memorialize and celebrate the first home for newlyweds, you might consider locating a candid shot of the two of them together on their wedding day and placing in a frame. Better still, you can go for candid photos and choosing a frame with multiple slots. Another idea for newlyweds as they move into their first home might include baby pictures of the two of them in side by side frames.

Planning, packing, moving and unpacking can be an exhausting process and the housewarming party concludes that process with a much-needed celebration. The most important consideration to remember when selecting a housewarming gift is the recipient. Taking the time to be thoughtful and sincere will result in a housewarming gift that is long remembered and appreciated. If you can keep in mind the goal is unique house warming gifts, recognizing the many ways to personalize your choice and keeping the recipient's tastes and lifestyle in mind, you might see that you've enjoyed choosing it as much as the homeowner will enjoy owning it.


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