Monday, December 13, 2010

This sun sign, or that.

This morning, while drinking my morning coffee, I noticed that I was drinking out of a mug that said “VIRGO”. It made sense, because I am a Virgo, but I wondered how much sense it really made. Every sun sign has certain characteristics that are specific to it, and there are many people who believe in them.

I’ve heard many people blame their eccentricities on their sun sign. “Oh, I’m neurotic about cleanliness and orderliness because I’m a Virgo” or “Yes, I don’t get along with so-and-so because we’re both Leos and people born under the same star signs never get along.” And it’s always made me wonder whether that’s actually the case.

I mean, there is the Nature/Nurture theory, and people are combinations of the two. Personalities are created by a mix of their natures and the environment in which they are raised. But do sun signs really play a big role? What about the people born under the Cancer sunsign and are neurotic about cleanliness? What excuse do they have? And what about two people who get along really well, but are born under the same sun sign? Should they not get to know the other better because of a mere technicality of birth?

Sun signs are confusing, but they’re interesting to read about. One of the most looked forward to morning rituals amongst us friends, is reading each others’ horoscopes for the day in the mornings and comparing the day to the horoscope in the evenings!


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