Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dream your house.

Life is complicated. A mere “I love you” is never enough, there is no sheer simplicity. There’s people and rules, there’s dos and don’ts. And when it is simple, we try and make it as complicated as we possibly can. Because at some level, we find it difficult to cope with the simple life. We need some sort of adversity to focus on, some sort of problem that we can work towards solving. And if there is no adversity and no problem to work towards, we create them for ourselves. Because we’re trained and conditioned to believe that a life without complications is an illusion. And that if it is devoid of complications, it is not the life we’re meant to have. Because nothing comes that easy. At least that’s what they say.

So we focus on the why. And the how. And the what next.

Because we can’t just accept the lack of problems, and we can’t just focus on the now. We say we don’t care, but we do. And we say they don’t exist, but they do. And even when they don’t, we make sure they do. We thrive and exist on the misery and trouble that accompanies repeated thinking. We cannot accept the simplicity and perfection that accompanies the dream life.

Now imagine what happens to us when we find our dream house. Do we accept it as it is without questioning it, or do we doubt the availability of it by imagining problems?


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