Friday, December 10, 2010

Cinderella was a little lucky.

Everyone has a vision for themselves, a vision in which they have power and glory. A vision that they work towards, burning the candle at both ends. Nothing in life comes easy, and everyone is aware of that. Hard work and perseverance is what helps us achieve that vision, the only road that will take us to that goal. We’ve been taught that since the beginning of time.

So everyone spends every waking moment of the day working towards that goal. Taking it easy features on no one’s list, neither does doing/getting what they want, because it would mean lagging behind in race to the top. But everyone harbours one dream, one dream that is common to all. We all wish we were Cinderella. We all wish we received a visit from a chubby fairygodmother, who’d wave her wand with a flourish and grant us our deepest wish. Cinderella wanted to attend the ball, what would YOU want to do?


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