Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Big, Fat Indian Wedding.

Weddings are fun. They signify the union of two souls, and the coming together of the lives of two individuals. Not to mention, they are a whole different interpretation of the word “FUN” – the hustle-bustle of people, the joy on everyone’s faces, opportunities to drink and make merry.

Indian weddings in particular, are a lot of fun – they’re colourful, they’re loud, they’re thoroughly enjoyable. The clothes people wear; the many days of long drawn-out ceremonies; the many family members, the numerous relatives, the friends and acquaintances; the varieties of food, from the starters to the desserts; the ceremonies, mehendi and haldi and so on – everything works its magic in enhancing the charm of the great Indian wedding.

And people complain – they complain about the many days they have to spend in the wedding, they complain about the number of outfits they have to think of, they complain about the noise, they complain about the small talk they’ll be forced to make. Everyone has something negative to say about weddings, but at the end of it all who are they kidding? Everyone loves the big, fat Indian wedding.


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