Friday, February 3, 2012

House Makeover

The most important thing when going for a makeover of your home is to estimate as to how a home makeover would affect the wellness and look of the home. Exteriors and interiors of a home reflect the taste and perhaps is an extension of the occupant's personality. For some, the home is meant to be livable and child friendly while for others, it is designed to fit a certain lifestyle. There are no judgment calls when designing a home. The architect and or interior designer will service you and perhaps guide you to making choices that are functional as well.

One of the things you can first do before truly renovating your home is to start with some accessories. Replace the old brass and steel door knobs with glass door knobs. This replacement to glass door knobs will influence the look of the house. If this fits your style, then slowly start minimizing your home by taking away all non essential items. Fewer couches, less tables, more space and you get to see how living in a modern and minimalist home feels like. Most modern homes are minimalist in the sense that there is less clutter and every item found there is well thought of and placed with intention.
If you are able to live in such a home, then by all means do the major renovations next but do the numbers first. Sometimes, it may be better just to sell your home and buy a new one as well whose architecture reflects your new minimalist taste. These days there are great deals for such houses and if you have the budget to get an architect to design your home, then with the housing market and by default, construction industry still reeling from the financial crisis, you will get a lot of competitive rates and great deals. This is so if you have the money to spend.

For those who cannot afford or are on a budget, then accessorize your existing home.  Perhaps changing the colors of the interiors may help. Sell off all your furniture and replace them with less furniture is a good way to start with. All in all it has to be kept in mind as to how the change is going to change the ambiance and as a result, your mindset.


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