Friday, February 10, 2012

Give Your Garden A 'Rocking' Look!

Constructing rock gardens in your home gardens has become widely popular these days. Its unique 'stand-out-alone' look given rock gardens a specialized look in the greenery of your garden. The clock of the hour demands uniqueness and rock gardens fulfill the demand with elegance. A rocking rock garden is the order of the day and lot of planning is necessary when the task of building up a rock garden is undertaken. 

The ultimatum of setting up a rock garden is to give your garden a natural look, with the rock art flaunting its macho self in a garden of greenery. One needs to take utmost care in the regime of building a rock garden. The rock garden must look as natural as possible, that is, the rocks have to give the feel of having been existing there since long. It is very essential to keep in mind that at all costs, avoid scattering stones over a flat bed.

Rock garden setup experts offer a whole range of default as well as unique designs to choose from. To start with, one can pick up a basic design. A universal rule or rather a universal choice is a sloping rock garden as it appears a lot more attractive than a leveled one. An area has to be chosen for the rock garden to be setup. While choosing the area, one needs to be careful and see to it that the area is free from shade for most of the day.

To give the rock art a better look, a place with a backdrop of trees and shrubs may be chosen. The chosen site should be free from shade for most of the day - a backdrop of trees and shrubs will enhance the natural feel, however the trees have to be far enough away so that they do not have any destructive effect on the plants.

Rule of the thumb is to visit a good rock garden or two or maybe a pro who is into rock garden making to find out what an ideal rock garden would and should look like.  Rocks of different varieties are available in the market, the likes of volcanic granite and pebbles. A rock garden is usually complimented by a variety of species of plants, and planting must be done in such a way that the style involves repeating some species, but scanty enough to make the garden look natural. Ideally, rock garden plants should spread slowly. Most rock garden plants need low to moderate watering amounts and frequency.

A wide range of rock garden styles are at your disposal, the likes of rock garden waterfall, Japanese rock garden, Zen garden, Hill garden and many more. The whole process of setting up a rock garden completely depends on your tastes and fancies and when you want to give your garden a makeover, you may go for a rock garden, which is sure to be a highlight of the garden party that you host, among your guests. 


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