Friday, February 17, 2012

Choose The Right Shades – Make Your Home A Vibrant Haven!

Modern home interiors are a reflection of the lifestyle of people. Colors also play a vital role in enhancing the interiors of your home. Not only they enhance the interiors, but color schemes of your home also act upon your instinctive aspects. The colors are what set the theme of the ambiance of your home, in terms of the interior decoration. Therefore, you should select the color carefully. You can take the help of interior decorators and paint manufactures to stay on the right track.

Color schemes display the mood and atmosphere of a house. Selecting pleasing colors may give a good ambiance to your house. There are some essential factors that you should keep in mind while picking the right paint color schemes for your home. Firstly, you need to decide the color. The color should be based according to the usage of the room. To be specific, the color chosen should compliment the usage of the room, like whether it is for the kitchen or whether the room is going to be used as a bed room, and traits as such. You can decide a color scheme for your home based on the arrangement and decorations you have used in the room. Select the major color of the furniture or rug and decide the shade according to that. 

Choosing a single color in various shades for one room or the entire home is advisable. You can use two different light shades mixed to give a layered outcome. A color wheel can help you choose monotones for the room. Experts in color therapy recommend the usage of light and neutral colors. If you paint the room with light colors, you can make the room more inviting for guests. Colors like orange and yellow promote feelings of friendliness. They are apt for active and entertaining areas. Aqua shades like green and blue colors, which are meant for soothing and relaxing, and are the right choice for home libraries and offices. Try choosing colors, which are comfortable for the eyes. It is recommended to choose shades of yellow for the kitchen and rooms with good ventilation.

A color theme has to be planned for your room. You can paint the walls, ceiling and windows in the same color. If it is your kid’s room, you can paint the whole room with pink or light blue for pleasing ambiance and fancy look. The color theme may look better if you choose the carpets, curtains, pillows and other paraphernalia of a complimentary color. Picking contrast colors from color segments can also be a good idea. Try selecting colors like red and green for a strong and bold effect. A contrast of red and green goes well for study rooms and kids’ rooms.

Try testing the appearance of the color schemes you choose for your home. You can test the sample of the color on a background piece, like a muted gray. You can even try using the color effects in varying light levels. This may give an idea as to how a room looks in all shades. Apart from all these things, the ambiance and the paraphernalia play a vital role in the color schemes for homes. Colors have to be an important part of home making as the first thing anyone observes is the color and so, it has to be eye appealing. Also, colors play a vital role in tuning your instincts, according to color therapy experts. So, select the right color scheme for your home to enhance your interiors. Color schemes can give the desired look to your place and make your home a vibrant haven!


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