Tuesday, January 3, 2012

TAIN Evenings presents...

TAIN is hosting designer Kanika Jain on the 7th of Jan, 2012 in Pune. 

The name and face behind the brand, Kanelle, Kanika was born and brought up in Delhi. A product of London College of Fashion, she says that’s where she learnt to be more receptive to the world and that art, creativity and style is widespread and can be seen in any and every possible thing around you.
Her journey from London College of Fashion to Kanelle included working with Indian designers at the Fashion Weeks while also working as a freelance stylist. The journey to Kanelle was, then, a natural one. “The whole idea behind Kanelle is to dress up a fashion forward woman stylishly and glamorously every single
day,” she says.

A believer in “everyday fashion” as she calls it, she says fashion is all about “the attitude to carry off whatever you wear. Clothes only are not fashion. Fashion is art, style, and creativity. It is important for people to feel stylish yet comfortable in what they wear. There should always be a feel-good factor attached.”

There’s no doubt that Kanelle is brand to watch out for!



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