Friday, January 6, 2012

Lifestyle Design

I often use the phrase “lifestyle design” when planning on the style of design. By this, I mean that design supports within it an excellent energy to uplift the way people stay their life — and it is “lifestyle” which is immediately attached to human being wellness, enjoyment and mindset.

Although many aspects must be regarded, design is eventually for the tenant. And it is up to the designer to offer actual and significant value for them.

When you quit to think about all of the elements that create up an occupant’s way of life, the collection is quite frustrating. Often, merely comprehension what your tenant really needs is an art. Converting those needs into a amazing style requires a lot of genius and focus.

With each style choice you can ask many concerns like What is the “real executive value” for occupants? How can you, as an designer, create sure that your styles are offering actual value (going way beyond those essential rules and requirements)? And how can you increase above developing “constraints” to really force toward a style that supports within it excellent executive success and meaning?

Know when you have discovered the right remedies. Know when to add complication and when to shorten. The key is to develop a developing style that not only has an effect on way of life style, but helps it.



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