Friday, January 20, 2012

Interior Doors

Once you start designing the interior of your home, you find that there are many different types of interior doors to choose from to give your room or space to look good and still perform its function. Simply defined, an interior door is a door that gives access to the outside of your house like a closet door, bedroom, bathroom, basement or office.

Before you begin to choose what kind of interior you want for your home, you should go room by room and make a list of how many internal doors need and what their primary function is. Here is a list of various interior doors to choose from:
  • Passage doors swings open and close the passage to two or more sheets of the hinges and doors are the most commonly used in homes. That can be purchased as a slab (only the door itself) or as a pre-hung unit.
  • Sliding doors or bypass doors are typically used in areas that have openings as large as a closet or main bathroom and sliding from left to right. Because they do not open that you do not have to worry about installing furniture, but only half of the opening is accessible at a time.
  • Bifold doors are generally used to enclose a closet, pantry, or laundry area. The doors may be wood, metal, or a composite such as wood covered with vinyl and typically come in four panels. 
  • French & Pockets doors
Once you have decided what type of doors you want, then you need to decide how you want your doors built: hollow core, solid core wood.

Wood doors are hollow thin layer of plywood or faces with a cardboard core to help keep the door hard. These doors are light, inexpensive, easy to drill and ineffective as sound barriers. However, the advantages of pressed wood resists shrinkage and expansion, offers a simulated wood look, easy to paint and very affordable price.

Main interior doors Solid look and feel like solid wood doors, but have a core of wood fiber. They offer evidence that its doors are much more durable hollow. Most solid-core doors are designed with the same style and the properties of a wooden door, but without the high price tag.

Solid wood panel doors can be stained or painted to a rich end and provide a natural sound barrier. Most manufacturers offer a wide range of custom wood doors in a wide range of wood species to complement most architectural styles.


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