Saturday, March 12, 2011

Music in our lives, music in our souls.

Everyone loves music. I say that statement with no statistical data to back me up, but it’s a statement that doesn’t really need any statistical backing. But in case it is met with opposition, let me rephrase that. Almost everyone loves music.

There are very few people who don’t like music, and even fewer that actively DISLIKE music. Music continues to be the most commonly sought respite in the world, the one thing that people turn to for a distraction from their own existence. Whether it be a happy existence or a miserable one, music helps everyone – offering a little something for everyone.

Some say that people like to listen to music that suits the mood they’re in. that is probably true of people that are in good moods. But what about people in bad moods? Do they listen to depressing music that suits their mood or do they listen to upbeat music that helps them to snap out of that mood?

Either way, the world of music is vast. There’s a little something for everyone – no matter what age, no matter what culture. and the most beautiful part of the music world? The fact that it is mostly undiscovered. There is so much gorgeous music just waiting to be discovered, either by accident or by conversations between two people who listen to completely genres of music.

So let’s just say thank you for the music!


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