Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dancing in the moonlight.

Similar to the last post about music, dancing is a sought after respite. It may not be as big as music, but dancing is definitely and quickly making its way to being a sought after respite.

As Van Morrison said many years ago, you really cannot dance and stay uptight. Dancing comes naturally to all of us, whether it is a strange bopping movement of the head or a violent flailing of the arms. Not all of us are expert dancers, but that doesn’t matter. Letting go of our inhibitions and just letting the music take over us, getting completely lost helps us unwind in the most untraditional way. But however untraditional it may be, it is quite easily the most effective. One doesn’t need to be at a dance club or at a party around other dancers to take the benefit of this simple unwinding tool – the best part of dancing is you just need yourself. Of course, a little music would be welcome. But who says you can’t just dance to the music in your head in the comfort of your room?


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