Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Living Large In Small Spaces.

Decorating a small house, can sometimes be quite a task. One tends to be restrained with space and ends up furnishing the house only with essential equipment thus, striving to get the look, feel and theme you desire, takes a backseat.

A small house, however, if designed and decorated wisely with the right sized furniture, can turn one’s small haven into a luxurious living space.
The house, should be decorated and function as a Swiss knife. All the essentials must be in order along with a little space for imagination. Therefore, how YOU use your space and how YOU make a tiny hallway into an elegant transition to a modest yet feverous living room is important.

A Simple vase with abstract art behind gives a very soothing effect when one passes through the hallway.

A living room with a built in bookshelf and two cozy armchairs, can function as a private library as well. To enhance the surroundings and set in the mellow mood for how one feels while reading, colourful carpets or mats also do a lot. Brighter colours uplift the mood.
Large French windows in my opinion are the best type for a living room. They let maximum amount of sunlight to stream in filtered through a thin curtain.

Small compact kitchen cabinets and a chimney installed right near the top shelves, save a lot of space. Most importantly, uses the space wisely. The colours can be mixed and matched to keep it in theme with the rest of the house.

Decorating the bedroom with in- built cabinets that has fitted lights from below save one the space otherwise used for a bedside lamp or the very clich├ęd tube light. A contemporary table top can be made below the cabinets that can be used for photo frames and other home ornaments.


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