Monday, November 9, 2009

About TAIN

TAIN is a privately held, globally minded real estate firm whose mission is to provide clients & investors with quality product and services using the best resources available.TAIN follows the approach taken by real estate developers and land owners globally. The process begins with identification of land and resources, conceptualization of a project all the way to the handing over and management of the same. We are leaders in land identification and land development, cutting edge design, construction techniques, project management, communication, facilities management and customer relationship management. As one of the world's few global private real estate developers, TAIN has the financial strength and experience to execute projects of all sizes and virtually unlimited complexity. From the beginning, the firm's management has evolved to adapt to the industry's most fundamental and challenging axiom: that real estate is by nature a local business. Even as the firm crosses continents and cultures, high standards of quality, taste and execution remains steadfast at its core.

TAIN, has a steadfast set of missions and values which has been put into practice for the past 9 years.


"A sense of Direction"

Providing, a "Complete Living Environment" with quality products and services, at an appropriate cost to all our customers globally, through, teamwork, continuous innovation, and integrity, for nurturing a responsible society"

  • Client focus
  • Respect for the individual
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation
  • Responsible Citizenship

    Keeping up with TAIN's "in-depth expertise and cross cultural experience", TAIN is committed to provide design solutions of the highest quality in real estate across the globe. TAIN Partners with some of the best designers from different cultures and backgrounds representing the needs and desires of its clients all over the globe. The look of each TAIN product is the result of a combined creative and functional mission. TAIN architects and designers build up a consistent design philosophy for its building designs around the fastest growing regions of the world. Such a philosophy is the rudder for the boat; it makes it possible for TAIN to continue its course in a meaningful direction.

    TAIN, keeps launching various services and holds events which will be explained in further detail.Look out for them!

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