Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's all topsy-turvy!

Finally, India can boast of an upside down building of its own!

The Caracella Club, named after the first building created as a club by the Romans, has been inspired by the WonderWorks’ ‘inverted amusement parks’ in the USA. Perched to look like it’s about to tip over, it’s been built by the Meriton Group as a part of the Indirapuram development in the NCR region, as a centrepiece for the development. Though, it’s the first of its kind in India, the building is now on the short list of upside down buildings existing the world over. 

Japan’s Nagano Prefecture, aside from hosting the 1998 Winter Olympics, also has the pretty pink Sakasa Resoto to its credit. Looking like a house that stumbled across a tripwire in the dark and landed on its head, the entire structure is perched on its roof. From an upside down bicycle rack to (inside) to upside down buckets acting as lampshades and even slippers stuck to the ... umm ... floor, the restaurant owners have gone to great lengths to make sure their diners get an authentic upside-down experience.

Other equally bizarre looking structures on this list are Norman Johnson’s Upside-Down House called ‘Sunrise’ in Florida (well, nobody lives here, for sure!) The house that is a model home outside the Sunrise Golf Village is enough to give anybody vertigo. A very faithful reproduction of a 1960’s Florida home ... umm, sort of the house is entirely upside down. Even the furniture inside is mounted upside down and a whole car’s parked upside down in the carport! Look at the house for a little while and you’re sure to start feeling wrong-footed!

And of course, the list goes on with ‘The Device To Root Out Evil’ in Calgary, Alberta which is designed to look like a church that’s poised on the tip of its steeple and ‘The World Stands on Its Head’ in Germany (well...) as well as (this one probably wins the award) the upside down house in St. Petersburg, Russia. If you’re wondering why there are no caps there, it’s because the house simply is upside down! (Except, very considerately, its doghouse)Who knows why!

Then there is the very ornate House of Katmandu in (er...) Spain as well as another called ‘House- Attack’ (!) in Austria etc.

Who knows why the architects or, in some cases, home-owners decided to tip their worlds upside down, but whatever their motivation that’s definitely one short cut to the history books!



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