Friday, August 31, 2012

Home décor: Embellishing the Interiors of Your Home

The art of decorating your home interiors is an expensive and a complicated, so to say. However, with a little thought and imagination you don't have to live with bare walls because you can't afford great works of art or even reproduction prints. You can create a number of stunning wall displays by simply using wall picture frames and your own photos to make your walls come alive. There are numerous ways that you can use your own photos as part of your home décor. Even the worst photographer amongst us has a few exquisite pictures we have managed to take of that colorful sunset, that cloudy sky, the gaily colored field of flowers or the squirrel sitting in the tree. Add to that family photos going back a generation or two and you have the makings for various wall art. All you have to do is choose the right photos, the right wall picture frames and put them together. Here are some great ideas on how to use hanging picture frames to enhance your homes décor.

Wall collages are a way to decorate using photos of that special camping trip, anniversary party or even different members of your family. Placed over the fireplace with wall candle holders on either side this type of frame adds a homey yet, sophisticated touch to your living or family room. You can also use these frames for giving a room a more whimsical touch by using photos of various birds, flowers or other items found in nature. A picture frame tree is a great way to display different generations of your family as part of your wall decorations. This wall picture frame actually looks like a tree and holds several picture frames. What could be better than using this frame to show off your own family tree. These frames look great on any wall from that empty hallway, to above the couch, to the entry way or the dining room. Bringing with it a feel of family and unity while adding a beautiful and sentimental touch to your homes décor.

Trapeze hanging picture frames look great hanging over the long bathroom vanity or that serving sideboard in your dining room. All you need to do is choose the right set of pictures to place inside these frames to create the kind of atmosphere and décor you want. When used in your child's room, pictures of their favorite pet will add a child like touch to their room's décor. While an older child may prefer pictures of flowers, angels or even their favorite sports hero. Triple wall hangings are three vertical frames and are great to use when you want to display photos on smaller wall areas. These hanging wall frames work well in small bathrooms where wall space is limited, in hallways and even in the kitchen. Using wall picture frames and your imagination is a great way of decorating the walls of your home without spending a fortune. It also allows you to use your own pictures to create interesting and wonderful creations of art for your home.

We accessorise in home decor for two main reasons. One is to complete a room that is just being set up, say, in a new home. The second is to update a room to change the look and feel, without having to purchase new furniture. In either instance, you are creating a home decor environment that looks cozy and inviting, comforts your instincts. Surround yourself with things you consider beautiful. In doing so, you will create an environment in your home decor that expresses your individual style.


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