Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bringing in the wild, blue yonder!

Have you ever been awestruck when you’ve walked into a home? Have you tried to pick your gaping jaw up off the floor as your mind continuously chants ‘this is where I want to live!’ or some version of it? Have you ever walked into luxury so plush that as you insidiously dig your toes into it you hope nobody notices them as they start to turn green in envy? Have you ever walked into somebody else’s home and felt like you’ve walked into your dream home? Have you ever thought about what your dream home would be like?

Now, I’m not necessarily into the Hollywood kind of living but I remember coming across popular singer, Rihanna’s number ‘California king size bed’ and feeling all of those I was just talking about. 

While I’m not an idiot and I do realize that a lot of it is thanks to miraculous photography I cannot deny that what I remember most (OK, I’ll admit it! All I remember) about the song is the gorgeous room it’s shot in. It almost looks like the room’s poised at the edge of the earth and pours right into the smear of sunlight beyond. Much like an infinity pool, if you know what I mean; or a Jacuzzi that looks over a misty, green valley. There’s just something fascinating about that extending into nothingness.

Now, if only we could all live in places that allowed us those luxuries. But, fortunately for all of us (phew!), space is such an interesting idea and can be used in so many different ways. For instance, just one French window will make such a startling difference to a small room, just as would a skylight and clean, sparse furnishings in white or walls painted in a light, cool colour. Not only will it add dimensions to your room, it’ll also soothe your mind every time you’re in there.  So if your dream home is about inviting in the wide open spaces, too, maybe you want to try some of these things? Open a window and throw out a branch to nature!



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