Friday, April 13, 2012

An Awe On The Aussie Land - Architecture of the Opera House

The innovative design of the Opera House has a history that dates back to 1956, when the Danish Architect - Jorn Utzon - won an international design competition. He was later appointed the Chief Architect of the Opera House. However, Jorn resigned in the year 1966 before the construction was completed. His decision was driven by political controversies and mounting construction costs. Despite all odds, the Opera House was completed in 1973.


The Opera House is a treat to the senses. In addition to its marvelous design and stupendous architecture, the scenic view of the harbor can hold you spellbound. Standing on its decks, one cannot but admire the exemplary work of art that oozes from its spherical roofs and sail-shaped ceramic shells. The complexity of the interiors is another aspect to this building that adds to its captivating effect.

A theater that hosts ballets and exemplary musical performances, the Sydney Opera House is run by the Opera House Trust. It has five theaters and as many rehearsal studios. In addition to these, the Opera House incorporates two large halls, six bars, four restaurants and a number of souvenir shops. The five theaters are the Concert Hall, the Opera Theater, the Drama Theater, the Playhouse and the Studio Theater Together, they have a total seating capacity of around 5500 seats. It also hosts conferences, weddings and glittering parties.

Being the world busiest performing art center, The Sydney Opera house facilitates about 1,500 performances every year which is viewed by almost 1.2 million people. It promotes and supports numerous theater and arts companies including neighborhood companies Sydney Symphony, Opera Australia, Sydney Theater Company and The Australian Ballet.

Over 800 of its own performances are houses by itself Sydney Opera House annually which present classic art and cultural activities for educational to the experimental purposes. Interestingly, it is the most visited site in Australia and each year it is visited by more than of seven million people. And this is why people around the world say the Sydney Opera House as an icon of world architecture.


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