Saturday, January 15, 2011

My space, your space.

In everyone’s home, there is one space that they can call their own. A space where they can sit in peace and quiet and think, a space where they can achieve inspiration of some sort. It could be a separate room, or just a corner of a room. It varies with different people, and various houses. Some people draw inspirations in their bathrooms, while some have more acceptable places like a study to be inspired in.

Nowadays, houses are spacious enough to accommodate more than one “space” and people can even afford to assign one entire room for their space. But in earlier times, they’d have to make do with a window ledge or a desk in the corner. Of course, no one has ever complained about that. There is a certain charm in snuggling against a window sill at the end of the day, and thinking or reading and just BEING. It could easily win against an entire room, any day.


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