Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sandy feet and sandy bliss.

Soft sands all around me, I walk on ahead. Golden sands all around me, I walk on ahead. The sea, blue and grey and white and wavy, to the front of me, I walk on ahead. Taking in the salty air, I walk on ahead. Then, I stop. I’ve reached the edge – the point where sands meet waters. I look down at my feet, sandy and wet. I notice the grooves each of my toes has made; notice how they don’t stay grooves for much longer. The waves come and wash them away, and as they retreat leave no trace. As I walk further into the water, I feel the waves around my feet; I feel the sand underneath them. I feel the breeze around me; I feel the sun shine down on me. It’s bliss, this feeling. Unmatched and unrivalled. I look around me, and there is nothing to see. Except the vastness of the ocean, the enormity of the waves and the infinite distance.


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