Tuesday, October 12, 2010


If a house could have enough space to accommodate all the worldly goods
And then have space to spare
If a house could provide protection from the hot summer cold winters and the thunderstorms
And yet seem light as a feather
If a house could hold together all the loved ones in a strong bond of emotions
And yet be sweet memory for those who have drifted away
If a house could give a warm and cheerful welcome when one returns tired and gloomy
And yet take the entire heavy load off your shoulders
If a house could sing the songs of joys the lullaby of the babies
And also the elegies and the dirges of people gone beyond the pale
IF a house could unstintingly provide spaces to the young ones to gambol and to play
And yet be there as a steady support to the old and wise
If a house could provide nooks and corners and private spaces for whispering sweet nothings
And live as sweet memories ever after
If a house could provide comfort to the old and infirm in their twilight years
And be a beacon and lighthouse to all those adrift at the sea of life
Then my friend this house is not a mere structure, made of stone cement and steel
It is a home more precious than all the worldly wealth that has been hoarded in it
And, worthy of more love and affection and loyalty then all who reside in it

Inspired by the poem of the same name by Rudyard Kipling.

Ravi Kulkarni
TAIN Constructions


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