Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jingyue Snow World Festival

Thousands of visitors travel all the way to China's Jinyuetan National Forest to feast their eyes on the beautiful yet fragile figures made from compressed snow. The "Jingyue Snow World Festival" , which opened a few days ago, is already creating news thanks to its delicate and wonderful ice sculptures. And last the visitors were very fortunate as they saw varieties of architectural designs on display - ranging from an intricately detailed Russian church to a Disney - style castle.

Jilin Province's annual ice festival opened with a flourish of frosty sculptures in many sizes and shapes. One of the main architectural attractions  was a detailed fairy castle with flashes of the Chinese Wall at its foot. A crystalline ice palace is yet another fantastic example of what talented craftsmen can achieve
with the simplest of tools and materials. The carved Russian church and a herd of galloping horses which were created from enormous amounts of ice were also on displayed in the annual ice festival.
It takes immense patience, time and efforts to create these magnificent frozen water sculptures. China's annual ice festival is definitely worth a visit before it melts.


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