Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cars of transparency - 007 style!

There's something definitely 007-ish about this technology. Perhaps, because it's so reminiscent of the invisible car chase scene on a frozen lake in Iceland from the Die Another Day franchise. While this technology being designed in Tokyo doesn't quite allow you to  shoot down your arch enemies with sophisticated weapons. However, if you have trouble parallel parking, this might be exactly what you've been looking for.

The idea behind the technology as we understand it is to make the driver feel his car is transparent from the back by providing him a panoramic view and allowing him to see the lay of the land, literally, right behind his car. It could include children in the way or a boulder or anything else that might hamper the movement of the car.

How it works is, apparently, two camera fitted to the back of the car capture a full view of the scene behind it and combining it, reflect it on to the back seat of the car, making the driver feel as though the car's transparent from the back. The technology has reportedly already been tried in a Toyota Prius. If the technology works as well in real time, it could prevent thousands of accidental deaths that take place around the world.

007 ice chase scene

Here's hoping for the best and a little more Bond-ishness. 


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