Friday, July 6, 2012

From the Warmth of Your Haven into a New Place Called Eden! - Shifting Your House With Ease

Moving from your present living space to another is just not as hassle some as you think it can be, with a little planning ahead of the move. You just need to know how and when to do all the important things to make it run smoothly. Might beat many people as to where to start from. But with a systematic checklist, things turn out to be a piece of cake for you.

To start with, the date of moving has to be finalized and after having the date finalized, you can get back to make clusters of short time periods, setting each cluster for a particular task. Consider milestones before the move, like say, four weeks until the move, three weeks until the move, two weeks until the move, one week until the move and finally, moving day.

At the stage where you have one month to move, decide which items are going and which can be sold, donated or dumped. No need moving things you no longer want, need or use. If you plan to use a mover, get quotes and find out about any special requirements they have like special insurance for antiques or valuables. Decide if there are any items you will move yourself. Open new bank accounts, if necessary, at the new location and remember to transfer all your automatic payments and deposits to the new account. Start packing out-of-season items and those seldom used. Close safe deposit boxes, post office boxes and collect records from doctors, schools and dentists in preparation of your move. Transfer any outstanding prescriptions if needed.

When three weeks to go before the date, preparing for a move, it is easy to overlook changing your address with magazine services, banks, investment companies and employers. Make a list of everyone you do business with; receive periodic statements from and those who might need to be able to find you. File a change of address with the Post Office. This is a good time to terminate membership at places like the health club or country club and terminate service contracts with providers like exterminators, lawn care and newspaper delivery. Make necessary preparations to move any pets.

And so the clock ticks, leaving with two weeks to go. It's time to step up your preparations to move. Schedule utility shut offs for the day after the planned move. Schedule new services to start the day before you plan to move in. This leaves you a little wiggle room. Empty lockers at school or the gym; return any borrowed items like library books, rented movies and your neighbor's chain saw. Dispose of any hazardous materials that cannot be moved and finish getting rid of the items you don't want. Packing should now include all non-essential items: excess toys, books, movies and music, extra clothing and dishes. Use up perishable foods as you are preparing for your move.

The countdown begins with 7 more days to go for your stay at the good old haven of warmth, which never failed to provide you with shelter under its nurturing might. Now that you have a week more to the D-day, it is a good idea to have a survival kit. In the kit should be a 30 day supply of any medications, important paperwork, your contact list, the mover's information and a copy of the contract, favorite toys. Essentials like toilet paper, drinks and anything that will make the travel to the new destination enjoyable.

 Finally, the day is here. Unplug and clean all appliances. Complete final packing and load any vehicles being driven to the new location. Make one last walk-through of the old residence before locking up. And its time to bid adieu to the warmth of your nest and be welcomed to adopt your lifestyle in this new living Eden.


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