Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Staging Ideas

Staging your home in different ways does a lot for the way your home appears. Colour coordinating your furniture with the walls, is just a mere step into the cornucopia of ideas that can be put into staging your home in a better way.

I swear by a quote very wisely said by my favourite designer Coco Chanel-“Less is more.”
Having two tones of blue on a teal sofa reveals a very confused sense of taste. Coupling it with another centerpiece that is also blue, overwhelms the entire look. A coffee table with magazines and random objects that probably have no business being there makes the area to appear to be cluttered.
A painting above too has the same tones of sea green and blue making the entire room look like it’s belched a whole lot of blue.
Eliminating those books; replacing the centerpiece with a vibrant red or orange; having a coffee table with an amber coloured finish and changing the painting to that which tones down the look and exudes warmth gives you a living room you’d love to hang around in and conquers the clutter.

The first picture shows us the basic necessities. A bed and a dressing table. Keeping it JUST at that, would turn a basic bedroom into a very drab and dull place.
Wooden flooring never fails at delivering a home-y feel to any room. The reflection of the light coming in through the window glows up the entire room. Potted plants are great space fillers. Re-placing the popcorn ceiling also did a LOT for the room. Also, a much more cozy bed makes this room to die for!
This is an example of how changing the colour palette of a room can do so much!

These two pictures both send out two completely different style statements. The first one, with the tea coloured cabinets and matching window panes, suggests a much more earthy, simple and modest kitchen. It looks one right out of the 1950s.

The second picture, however, is much more contemporary in its colours and décor. The counter has been replaced with granite. It isn’t as simple as the previous picture. The flooring too has been replaced with mahogany wood as opposed to the simple tiles in the first picture.
The same space and the same layout can be interchanged by just a few techniques like changing the flooring, lighting and tiles.

If you don’t think you can afford a professional to stage your house, don’t fret.Try these simple ideas out, and voilà! - You’ll see that the desire to change the way your home looks has been fulfilled.


Steven said...

Very nice Tanveer, we could use some of these ideas in our home. Steven

Sharukh Khan said...

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